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22.11.2017 Autor: Petre Piturca

I want everyone to know what a SCAM this is!!! Not taking any chances. Hi this is happening to me too and I got the phone number from my bank and it was stated on my bank statement to try and That was for Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Good luck and if you hear of any where we can go to fight this issue please post it.

Product made me violently ill. I am going to check with my bank about reporting them for fraud. They have used debt collectors to come after me even after I cancelled my card. I explained that I wanted a full refund for the money that was debited from my account along with an email confirmation outlining that my account had been officially closed along with a full refund.

I refuse to pay this money!! I ordered a sample on the 1st of Jan. Then a second order showed up with 2 items!

I reported my experience with FTC. Let me tell you good folks My whole account money was stolen and I am not gonna give up to collect I am that way, Garcinia cambogia shipping 4 95. The customer service rep responded with well we have plenty of customers who read the terms and conditions. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing article. She disconnected the call.

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing article. My trust is blown!

I was so pissed I told them I was going straight to BBB and the lady basically told me that I had no case with them and that it would be useless to take a complaint to them!!!! File a 1C3 online complaint.
  • He said that they could not put the money back because it was against the federal government.
  • They canceled my subscription and after at least half an hour of rudeness and arguing they say I will get full refund.

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I ordered the product about 18 months ago and i cancelled within the time frame allowed. My own stupidity cost me I just ordered free trial yesterday. I missed this on our CC bill. Upon reviewing the information, I immediately called the number above to cancel my initial order along with the subscription to avoid auto recurring billing.

  • To cancel automatic delivery and billing, call us at 1 or email us during normal business ho urs:
  • Anyways, I hope you get all the frauds. I then told her that I got the number from the bank.

I can not reach them! I can not reach them. I called my bank and made a report and will be refunded tomorrow. I am dealing with the same thing right now. I am dealing with the same thing right now.

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Wha number did you use please. Fine print was where???? What are people suppose to do with scams like this!!?? No more shopping late late night for me.

The receipt states do not reply. My credit card company contacted me immediately! I am just sick about it. I am just sick about it. However this is after I noticed the third charge.

He said it should take business days for charges to be reverse. I was told there would be no additional charges on my account. We have read the comments about cancelling is rarely easy. I filled out online form for free trial.

  • I looked everywhere to see if there would be additional charges after I ordered this product.
  • I hate to have to cancell my debit card….
  • I got scammed too.
  • When I asked her to supply the site address where they were located she refused only stating the city and state.

You see, I gained about 5 lbs! FEDEX can provide a receipt of what day alergatul slabeste picioarele signed for it? I never even opened the product.

Do Not Order from this. I went to my bank today cause I noticed charges I had not authorized. Do Not Order from this. You see, most Garcinia cambogia manufacturers have an affiliate program. I wish I would have checked out this site before Garcinia cambogia shipping 4 95 did.

All you gave them was a name, address, email address, and a credit card number. I have had the worst experience of my life with four of their customer service reps hanging up on me. I was shocked to read all comments here.

She then said my account is cancelled, which have being hear for quite awhile. HCA is the active ingredient in Garcinia cambogia and the primary chemical thought to be associated with weight loss and appetite suppression - two things that HCA did not exhibit in this study.

I am still within the 30 day guarantee money back even though the 14 day free trial had Platină pastile dieta de foc.

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